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Hebei Tonghui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

our company specializes in and focuses on the research and development, production, and sales of briquetting machines and straw crushers. The company is located in the beautiful capital of Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang City, adjacent to multiple expressways such as Shitai, Jingkun, and Qingyin. The location is superior, with convenient transportation and fast materials.

The leader of the enterprise leads a team of over 30 people in the company. After more than ten years of deep cultivation in this industry, they have now mastered the professional technology and core technology of biomass energy briquetting equipment, specializing in the development, production, and sales of biomass fuel briquetting equipment, conversion briquetting feed equipment, and straw scale bundling equipment. Our company has developed and produced a Zhuanke pressing machine with unique reducer dual pressing wheel technology, which has obtained multiple patents and enjoys national agricultural machinery subsidies. The enterprise has achieved an integrated model of technological innovation, production and manufacturing, product sales, and recycling of end products.

After years of technological research and experience, we have successively developed the 9YHP series of large, medium and small fixed, mobile, and diesel powered biomass fuel briquetting equipment, straw feed compression equipment, and straw picking and bundling machine search equipment. The newly developed 9YHP reducer type straw shaping equipment is suitable for the shaping of various biomass and industrial waste materials. The self-developed fully automatic feeding system greatly reduces labor costs. The fully enclosed floor free base structure is stable, and the eccentric sleeve pressure wheel adjustment method is time-saving and powerful. The imported high wear-resistant alloy material treatment mold pressure wheel extends the service life to around 1200T, and the Dan can be repeatedly repaired and used, reducing production costs and increasing user profit margins. In 2016, the company and China Huadian jointly developed the latest generation of highly stable industrial return molding machines in China. After more than 2 years of trial operation The technological transformation has successfully solved the problem of industrial and domestic waste recycling and shaping in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and other places. The equipment has reached production standards and has been running normally for 168 hours in China Huadian. It has been put into mass use and has been recognized by the majority of users. We have collaborated with Hebei Garbage Power Plant to explore the compression molding technology and combustion technology of domestic and industrial waste, opening up a new path for industrial recycling and briquetting fuel. After nearly a decade of operation and technological transformation, we have successfully solved the current problem of difficult industrial and domestic waste treatment faced by enterprises in other regions. This has not only solved the problems faced by enterprises but also increased their benefits.

Welcome people from all walks of life to come to the factory for exchange and learning, and for win-win cooperation!

Corporate Culture Corporate Culture Declaration:

Dare to strive for progress, innovate, and lay a solid foundation, and dare to break through oneself

Innovate and strive for excellence, optimize resources, overcome difficulties, develop new technologies, and manufacture new products

Pragmatic performance seeking, pragmatic and pragmatic, achieving the production of one unit and one qualified unit, allowing customers to rest assured

Quality is the key to winning in the industry. If there is no one, I will have it. If there is someone, I will excel, and if there is someone, I will excel

Business philosophy:

Creating Value for Customers and Winning Friends for Enterprises

Core quality concept:

Quality is the foundation of enterprise survival and a condition for winning customer trust

Corporate goals:

Survive with quality, develop with innovation, create branded products, and build a century long great cause

Business scope:

Provide a customized complete set of industrial waste (RDF) briquetting equipment for assembly line operations

Supply various models of straw (solid waste) briquetting machine accessories

Sincerely recruit franchisees for the production and manufacturing of straw (solid waste) briquetting machines from all over the country

Sincerely recruiting sales agents from various regions

Provide accessories, maintenance, and technical improvements for various manufacturers and models of briquetting machines, as well as replacement and recycling of old equipment.