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Use of straw briquetting machine

Nov,16,2023 << Return list

As more and more people begin to use straw briquetting machines, people are paying attention to how to use them correctly. So how to use them correctly?

Straw is the most abundant agricultural waste biomass resource in China. The traditional use of straw is as firewood, feed for large livestock, or as organic fertilizer after incineration.

By using straw forming technology, loose and finely ground withered stalks can be compressed into dense and regular blocks with a density of up to 0.8~1.3g/cm ³, The energy density is equivalent to that of median coal. The combustion characteristics of formed fuel have significantly improved compared to before forming; According to calculations, when burned in a dedicated stove, the heat utilization rate is over 60%, and when fully burned, there is basically no smoke emission; The residual ash is less than 7% and is also a good fertilizer. Biomass fuel has the characteristics of long-lasting firepower, low black smoke, high furnace temperature, convenient storage, transportation, use, and cleanliness. It can replace mineral energy for production and daily life, and has good environmental and economic benefits when used to provide thermal energy, steam energy, or power generation. At present, the United States produces about 600000 tons of formed fuel annually, Japan currently produces about 260000 tons, and European countries produce about 3 million tons. The use of foreign formed fuel is for heating and fireplace fuel in high-end households, with a price of up to 110-150 euros per ton.

Straw can also be used as livestock feed. By crushing and shaping, loose straw is made into blocks, making it a good coarse feed for ruminant animals such as horses, cows, sheep, deer, and ostriches. Fibers and lignin are shredded and softened under high temperature and pressure, and undergo insecticidal sterilization and ripening under high temperature compression, resulting in changes in their structure and chemical composition homogenization, making them easy for livestock to digest and absorb. They also have a certain paste aroma and a feeding rate of 100%. When feeding beef cattle with crushed feed, the weight gain increases by 15% compared to feeding corn straw, and the milk production of cows increases by 16.4%. It is known as the "compressed biscuit" of ruminants. Moreover, the compressed feed can be stored for 2 years after being sealed and packaged, solving the problems of difficult straw storage and transportation. Here is how to use the straw compactor:

1. Machine startup; Feed the straw into the material box. When the pressure maintaining chamber reaches above 140 °, the heating cylinder enters a low-power insulation state; The hydraulic system is activated. Adjust the pre compression chamber to the specified volume; The mixing turntable sends the straw material into the pre pressing chamber.

2. After the preliminary compression of the material by the pre pressing cylinder, the straw material is pushed into the main pressure chamber of the straw briquetting machine for compression. The main pressure cylinder and clamping cylinder perform compression push stroke; The straw material is compressed and formed in the mold retention chamber, while being heated and pressurized. The clamping cylinder releases the force, and the main pressure cylinder continues to push the forming rod out.

3. Reset the main pressure cylinder and pre pressure cylinder, rotate the mixing rotary table for feeding, and repeat the next pressing action.

Only by mastering the correct usage method of straw briquetting machine can it play its due role in use and bring convenience to people's production and life.