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Discussion on Biomass Fuel

Nov,16,2023 << Return list

Fuel is the main source of kinetic energy, heat, and other energy. Biomass fuel, by definition, is a new type of fuel that includes plant resources and animal waste. Compared to previous materials such as coal, it is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. So, how much do you know about this type of fuel? Let's take a look together with the editor.

Biofuels refer to fuel ethanol and biodiesel produced from biological resources, which can replace gasoline and diesel produced from petroleum. They are an important direction for the development and utilization of renewable energy. Due to the impact of world oil resources, prices, environmental protection, and global climate change, many countries have increasingly focused on the development of fossil fuels since the 1970s, and have achieved significant results. China has also achieved great results in the development of biofuels, especially in the production of fuel ethanol using grain as raw material, which has begun to form a scale.

Biomass fuel is mostly a new environmentally friendly power produced by processing stem like crops in blocks. Its diameter is generally 6-8 centimeters, length is 4-5 times its diameter, crushing rate is less than 1.5-2.0%, dry basis moisture content is less than 10-15%, ash content is less than 1.5%, sulfur content and content are less than 0.07% for office desks, and nitrogen content is less than 0. If additives are used, they should be agricultural and forestry products, and the variety and quantity used should be indicated.

The EU regulations do not provide detailed values for the calorific value of biomass fuels, but require sellers to indicate them. Swedish regulations require that the calorific value of this fuel should generally be above 16.9 megajoules. In Henan, China, this fuel is one of the key support projects for the construction of new rural areas in 2008. Now, Henan has introduced the production technology and concept of this fuel for machinery and exploration machinery, and is one of the mechanical equipment manufacturers in China.

The research results of American scientists show that, as the two widely used biofuels, biodiesel and ethanol, although more superior than fossil fuels, cannot meet the power needs of society. Researchers have found that even if all corn and soybeans grown in the United States are powered by biomass, they can only meet 12% of society's gasoline demand and 6% of diesel demand. Corn and soybeans must first satisfy food, feed, and other economic needs, and cannot all be used to produce biofuels.

From the above introduction, it can be seen that with the rapid development of technology and the continuous development of biomass fuels, they are playing an increasingly important role in our daily production and life. No wonder they are becoming more and more popular and loved by people.